Alert about scavenging through recycle bins

From our Neighborhood Watch captains:

We’ve received an email mentioning that there was a (possible) homeless guy going through the recycle bins, collecting for his own gain.┬áTalking with a few police officers, we’ve been informed that this is ILLEGAL and that if anyone sees someone doing this, they need to call the police.

Now, someone can approach the person themself and tell them that it is illegal, and that they are, or have, notified authorities and are enroute, etc…BUT, you never know who you are dealing with (they could be crazy, have a weapon, etc..). If someone does place a call, it will most likely be ‘low priority’ and the police may show up after the person has left.

Anyways, it’s illegal and authorities should be notified. See below for a flyer on this:

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