Burglary warning for The Summit and nearby neighborhoods

Spring time is here, and so are increases in crime. How fun. 🙁

We have been hearing about a couple of concerning issues. There have been two burglaries in broad daylight in our nearby neighborhood — The Bluffs, across from Shoal Creek Elementary.

One at a house near the school on Saturday, 30-Mar-2013, and another on 04-Apr-2013 at 8 am on Fontanelle Place, when the resident left to walk her kids to Shoal Creek. When she returned, she heard intruder(s) upstairs, wisely left the house, and called police.

There was also a car break-in during the middle of April in The Summit neighborhood.

Here’s an email from one of our Neighborhood Watch captains:

The San Diego Police Department said that random criminals (strangers) are watching our neighborhoods for people leaving. They then knock on doors and see if the residents are gone, and then break in. If you are home, don’t answer the door — rather make noise so they know someone is home and keep your eyes open.

Criminals are stating that “[we] all have insurance to cover the costs of the stolen property” as an excuse for their actions.

SDPD says that being close to the freeway for an easy exit if a plus for criminals.

Spread the word!!


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